How to install XenServer 6.2 from USB stick

//How to install XenServer 6.2 from USB stick

How to install XenServer 6.2 from USB stick

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It is very common situation that server hardware as a standard option is configured without optical drive. I recently had to configure 5 XenServer hosts and install XenServer 6.2 on hardware with without cd-rom. Here are the steps I followed to get a working USB stick:

1. Download the XenServer 6.2 ISO.

2. Download and run Universal USB Installer (I used version

3. Run Universal USB Installer and select the following options:

  • (1) Select “Try Unlisted Linux ISO”.
  • (2) Browse to your XenServer ISO.
  • (3) Select your USB Flash Drive Letter.
  • (4) If your drive is not yet FAT32 formatted check “We will format F:\ Drive as Fat32 “.
 Figure 1

Figure 1

4. Click Create and confirm action as it is shown on Figure 2

 Figure 2

Figure 2

5. Click Close when process is completed  

 Figure 3

Figure 3

6. Insert a USB stick into server port and start XenServer installation.



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  1. Fabio September 19, 2014 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    Worked perfectly. Thanks!

  2. Louell Atienza July 20, 2015 at 9:21 am - Reply


    Can you help me with my HP Proliant ML350TO9? Currently i’m encountering installation problem. After choosing Local Media as installation source, it says “a base installation repository was not found”. I am installing Xenserver via USB. Please note that;

    1.I am on Legacy Bios
    2. SATA AHCI SUPPORT is enabled.

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