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In some organizations there is a requirement to prevent users from removing auto-provisioned applications or even to hide the plus sign that opens up the application catalogue for users to select applications. To accomplish this requirement in StoreFront 2.5 two new features have been implemented: mandatory applications and locked down store. In StoreFront 2.6 Citrix introduces next solution for such use cases – Mandatory Store. Using this option administrator can disable user subscriptions and configure the store where users are not able to select which applications are displayed on the home screen. With mandatory stores, users see all available applications. This could be a very usefull feature to configure resources for public access, kiosk computers etc.

To configure store as mandatory complete the following steps:

1. Open StoreFront console,  and select  Stores node in the left pane to display configuration details. Select Disable User Subscription option in Actions pane

Figure 1

2. Confirm the change

Figure 2

3. There is no addition confirmation of the change. See new option in Actions pane

Figure 3

4. The display difference for user is shown in Figure 4  (Subscription Enabled) and Figure 5 (Subscription Disabled)

Figure 4

Figure 5