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As you probably know a new version of Citrix XenDesktop has been released for download. XenDesktop 7 is a very major release of the product, merging XenDesktop and XenApp into a single platform. Using XenDesktop 7 IT organizations are able to provision virtualized desktops and applications easily to any user working in any place, including users with mobile consumer devices. 

XenDesktop Editions

Available editions:

  • VDI Edition – Scalable VDI-only solution for delivering virtual desktops that includes HDX technology, provisioning services, profile management, and StorageLink technology.
  • App Edition – replacement of XenApp that allows publish Hosted Shared Desktops, Applications hosted on either VM’s or RDS environments and it also supports App-V delivery for off-line applications.
  • Enterprise Edition  – Enterprise-class desktop virtualization solution with FlexCast delivery technology that delivers the right type of virtual desktop with on-demand applications to any user, anywhere.
  • Platinum Edition  – Comprehensive enterprise-class desktop virtualization solution with advanced management, monitoring and security.


Available features:

Windows apps and desktops anywhere


Any device – native experiance




HDX high-definition, mobile user experience



Secure, self-service Citrix StoreFront



Cloud-ready, built on the Avalon platform




XenDesktop Licensing

Available licensing models:

  • User Licensing – Best when people need dedicated desktop access.  User licensing gives users access to their virtual desktops and apps from an unlimited number of devices. Key features:
    • One User
    • Unlimited Devices
    • Unlimited connections to virtual desktops and app
  • Device Licensing – Best when people share desktops or devices.  Device licensing gives an unlimited number of users access to their virtual desktops and apps from a single device. Key features:
    • Unlimited Users
    • One Device
    • Unlimited connections to virtual desktops and apps
  • Concurrent Licensing – Best for anonymous access or occasional use. License is allocated when user log on to a session and released back to the pool when user log off from a session. Key features:
    • Any User
    • Any Device
    • One connection to a virtual desktop or unlimited apps