How to change ports in XenDesktop

//How to change ports in XenDesktop

How to change ports in XenDesktop

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The FMA services XenDesktop 7.x use port 80 for communication by default. If necessary, this port can be changed. Since XenDesktop 5.x release XML functionality is being included as part of the Broker Service, The port change for services can now be achieved by using the BrokerService.exe command as shown in the following section.

Open Command Prompt and navigate to the XenDesktop directory C:\Program Files\Citrix\Broker\Service. You must run Command Prompt with administrative privileges. (Right-click cmd.exe and select Run as Administrator if you are not logged in as the user with administrator rights on the server). If you do not run Command Prompt with Administrative level rights, an error might occur when trying to run the following commands.

To perform the change BrokerService.exe will be used. To see available options enter BrokerService.exe /? as listed below:
xd chp
Enter BrokerService.exe /Show to display the currently used ports.
xd chp1
To change the WCF port, type BrokerService.exe -VdaPort <port>, as displayed below:
xd chp2
To change the XML port type: BrokerService.exe -wiport <port> and press Enter. Note: This change only alters communications between Web Interface or the StoreFront, and the XenDesktop Controller – it does not change the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Registration port used by Virtual Desktop Agents.
xd chp3
The CitrixBrokerService stops and then starts to complete the change
  • Note: When appending the –ConfigureFirewall parameter, appropriate exceptions will be added to the Windows Firewall configuration.

Note: This change must be performed on each controller within the XenDesktop 7.x site. Citrix strongly recommends you to configure all controllers within the XenDesktop site equally.

Similarly, you can use the same procedure for the other FMA services, such as :

  • BrokerService.exe -VdaPort 8081 -WCFPort 8081 -WIPort 8081 -ConfigureFirewall
  • Citrix.ADIdentity.exe –SdkPort 8081 –KeyPort 8081 –SvcPort 8081 -ConfigureFirewall
  • Citrix.Configuration.exe –SdkPort 8081 –SvcPort 8081 –ConfigureFirewall
  • Citrix.ConfigurationLogging.exe –SdkPort 8081 –SvcPort 8081 –ConfigureFirewall
  • Citrix.DelegatedAdmin.exe –SdkPort 8081 –SvcPort 8081 –ConfigureFirewall
  • Citrix.EnvTest.exe –SdkPort 8081 –SvcPort 8081 –ConfigureFirewall
  • Citrix.Host.exe –SdkPort 8081 –KeyPort 8081 –SvcPort 8081 –ConfigureFirewall
  • Citrix.MachineCreation.exe –SdkPort 8081 –SvcPort 8081 –ConfigureFirewall
  • Citrix.Monitor.exe –SdkPort 8081 –SvcPort 8081 -ODataPort 8081 –ConfigureFirewall
  • Citrix.Storefront.exe –SdkPort 8081 –SvcPort 8081 –ConfigureFirewall

Note: Opening XenDesktop Studio after port modification, the Studio enquires for the delivery controller address which must be specified, including the new port <MyDeliveryController>:<port >“.
This is the same address for PowerShell but with the parameter “-AdminAddress <MyDeliveryController>:<port>“, the port has to be specified additionally.


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  1. John January 18, 2014 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    What is a difference between WCF and VDAport ?
    You wrote:
    To change the WCF port, type BrokerService.exe -VdaPort , as displayed below:

    Why vdaport parameter is used when in the example -wcfport parameter is used ?

  2. Jim Chan April 29, 2015 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    Thanks for taking the time to post this article
    I always move the xml port to 8080 because of errors but I’ve not seen any issues yet in 7.6. FYI, I have only performed 2 production installs of 7.5 that are very small and simple environments. I’ve done several installs in a lab environment. I haven’t found anything on if really necessary. Maybe Citrix addressed it on XenApp 7?
    My questions is should I move the port from default 80?
    (obligatory “I’ve been dong this for a while” blah blah)

  3. Raja August 22, 2016 at 5:05 am - Reply

    Any one have idea what is Citrix studio port number

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