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In the last few days I had a chance to play a bit with new feature available in XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 called connection leasing. Because some areas were not clear for me I decided to dive into this feature and perform a full test in my LAB. Basic information about connection leasing you can find in my previous post XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 connection leasing explained and today I’d like to focus on management aspect.

How we can manage and control connection leasing settings ?

Connection leasing settings can be configured manually by editing registry on each controler or via group policy. In most cases manual configuration is not viable option and only central management via policies should be used. I do prefer to configure XenApp and XenDesktop settings via GPO rather than policies in Citrix studio because I like to have all policies configured in one place and results visible in RSOP.

Because Citrix do not provide any GPO template for connection leasing, to make my life easier I created my own template. Template is available for download here: Connection Leasing ADM

How to change connection leasing settings ?

  1. Download ADM template and add it to Group Policy editor under Computer Configuration node.
  2. Verify if Connection Leasing settings are available in Clasic Administrative Template folder
  3. Create a new policy and configure all requited settings
  4. Assign new policy to the OU containing XenApp ond/or XenDesktop server accounts
  5. On Delivery Controler refresh GPO – run command:  gpupdate /force
  6. Verify if configured settings were applied to HKLM\Software\Policies\Citrix\DesktopServer\ConnectionLeasing
  7. Delete all current lease files – run command:  Remove-BrokerLease 
  8. Restart Citrix Broker service
  9. Login to StoreFront and open any available application
  10. Verify if lease file with new settings has been created – run command:  Get-BrokerLease


The default connection leasing settings should work with many environments but with GPO template we can easily apply changes to all delivery controlers. You can download the template and test it in your lab. I would be happy to hear your comments.