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Last week I finished setup of the new Hyper-V host for my lab and I decided to create a new base image for MDT script. In my new image I would like to solve all problems and findings which are documented in my private notes. During the review I recognized that one of the most often reported problems/inconveniences (reported by by clients or friends using servers installed from my image) is the problem with polish keyboard. In the standard layout for Polish Programmers keyboard numeric (.) is replaced with comma (,). This is quite problematic also for me because if I want to type the ip address I can’t use numeric dot. Therefore I decided to simplify my life and fix this problem.

Considering the fact that the fix for problem with “numeric dot” I will implement not only in my lab but also for my clients it was obvious that solution can’t break the Microsoft Software License Agreement and must use approved tools and methods. There is no place for modifications  of orginal dll as I was proposed in one the solutions I found.

I decided to use Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to create a new layout based on the original file. The ready to use file is available in download section: Modified Polish Programmers Keyboard.

If you want to prepare your own layout follow the step by step guide below.

1. Download the Keyboard Layout Creator from the website.

2. Goto File -> Load Existing Keyboard


Figure 1

3. Select the required keyboard layout


Figure 2

4. Select the key you want to modify


Figure 3


5. Enter a new value for selected key


Figure 4


6. New value is displayed


Figure 5

7. On the left select checkbox Shift and modify value for selected key


Figure 6

8. Goto Project -> Build DLL and save new layout


Figure 7

9. Run created installation file or copy new dll to %Systemroot%\system32


Figure 8


10. Goto Control Panel -> Language and modify Input method. In my case I removed oryginal polish programmers keyboard


Figure 9


Figure 10

11. Restart computer and enjoy.