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Dedicated page for Zabbix template to monitor Citrix License Server. Initial template version is customized for License Server build 26000 included in CVAD 7.15 LTSR CU3. Support for CVAD Current Releases and next LTSR will be included in separate templates.


Template name and version: C24_XD715_Broker_v1.0

Configuration summary:

Zabbix version min.:  3.x

Applications: 2

Items: 4

Triggers: 4

Visualization: Standard Zabbix dashboard with widget “Problems”

Download link: C24_CVAD-715_CTXLicServer_v1.00

Template summary:

Initial version of monitoring template for Citrix License Server consist of set of items related to core CVAD services and eventlog entries. Where possible all triggers are configured to automatically resolve the problem, when configured conditions are met. When manual action to close the problem is required, such information is displayed in the problem description.

Configured monitoring items are the following:

  1. Application: CTX License – Services
    • Citrix Licensing – Citrix Licensing
    • Citrix_GTLicensingProv – Citrix Licensing WMI
    • CitrixWebServicesforLicensing – Citrix Web Services for Licensing
  2. Application: CTX License – Events
    • To be added